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Cycle Path Blues Festival 2009
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Cavern Crawl
Scratch My Back
South Austin Shuffle
Snatch It Back
The Shake
As darkness fell, the stage lighting illuminated Texas-based Lightning Red while creating an unusual visual effect in the audience. Looking around, the atmosphere felt like one of the field parties from my small town high school days. Redís performance certainly did not feel that way.

A fan described Redís music, saying, "Lightning struck and the whole town was on fire." Iíd agree, having been entranced by Redís impressive skills on electric guitar, backed by some vicious drumming and solid bass. Red was my personal festival highlight and I canít wait to see him again.                                                                                         - Doug Spike  Blue Monday   Nov. 9, p.6

Cycle Path Blues Fest 2009
June 20 - Santiago Shakedown 7, Santiago MN

Lightning Red is one interesting guy. He calls his brand of blues ĎTexicagoí. Red spent his early days (Late 60ís) in the Chicago area playing with Buddy Guy and some of the best Chicago had to offer at that time. He was befriended by none other than Luther Allison. Luther took him under his wing and showed Red a few chops. Sounds like a good start to me.

In the early seventies, Red moved to the music capital of the world, Austin Texas. He competed a tough challenge. At that time (the 70ís and 80ís), Austin was filled to the brim with world class musicians. I mean they were just crawling out of the woodwork! I know; I was there.

You would think olí Red would have his tools all in one sack from the roads heís been down. Well he does, and then some! Redís the genuine article. Make no mistake about it, the man can flat out PLAY!                                                                         - Gary Eckhart   Blue Monday   Jul. 9, p.10

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